the persian empirethe_persian_empire

These same tribes that had been treated with great inequality bythePersianEmpire.

Iranhas beenastatesincethecreationofthePersianempireinthesixthcenturyBC.

As a remnant ofthePersianEmpire,thecylinder is a source of pride for Iranians aroundtheworld.

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holy city

Another ct is that we are told that when AlexandertheGreat went out to conquerthePersianEmpire, and as r as he was concerned,to conquer everything he could reach, he carried with him a copy oftheIliad which it is alleged he put under his pillow.

Well,themost mous early on, King Croesus of Lydia,therichest man intheworld,youve heard all about him, decides it would be a nice thing to conquerthePersianEmpire, his neighbor totheeast.

InBC,Athenslay inruinsconqueredbytheseemingly unstoppablePersianEmpire.

So it wastheChineseempire,theMughalempire,thePersianempire, andtheRomanempire,theMayanempire.

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