The Persian Empire Economy Tpersian empirerade

The Persian Empire Economy Tpersian empireradeThe central government also invested its time and money into improving the trade networks Persia had. They eagerly sought out new trading partners and sponsored voyages to find and negotiate with these new, potential trade partners. The Persian Gulf became a major area for sea trade, and the government encouraged the building of many ports on the gulf. The trade cities on the gulf, which were mostly Phoenician, were known for exporting purple dye and glassware.

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In this lesson, youll learn about the Persian Empires natural resources and economy. The Persian Empire was known for its extensive trade system, and youll learn about how the trade affected the economy.

In this lesson, youll learn about the Persian Empires natural resources and economy. The Persian Empire was known for its extensive trade system, and youll learn about how the trade affected the economy.

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Most of what we know about the ancient Persian trade and economy comes from what documents and articts have been found belonging to the empire under the ruling mily known as the Achaemenids. The main source for Persias economy was through agriculture and its system of iding up state lands. However, most of the actual finances in Persia came from a welleslished tax and tribute system; there was even a system of coinage. Additionally, trade contributed to the Persian economy as the Persian government sponsored many endeavors to gain new trade partners and improve the trade system through roads.

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The Persian Empire Religion Social Structure

To maintain their trade system, the Persians developed a sophisticated system of standardized weights and measure. The Persians also had an extensive system of roads that served their trade system as well as their military. Under King Darius, the Persian Empire had its first circulated coin system, using gold and silver. However, these coins were used nearly exclusively in Asia Minor. More often than not, they were used for paying in their trade system and not for everyday use. Finances within the empire were paid in unminted silver, as previously mentioned.

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The Persian Empire obtained much of its wealth as a result of its prolific crops. Even some of the most urban cities in the empire relied on agriculture. Barley was the main cereal staple of Persian agriculture, being easily grown in most areas of the empire. However, there were a great many other crops grown throughout differing regions. Wine production also became one of Persias more common commodities. Government programs worked towards expanding agricultural production in the empire. Government money was invested in improving irrigation, the quality of the crops, and the latest rming techniques.

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The Persian Empire Religion Social Structure

In the regions that had formerly belonged to Egypt and Babylon, it was the economic sector, run primarily by the religious officials, who controlled most of the state land. However, without agricultural workers of their own to rm the land, the religious officials leased the lands to milies in the area. Families either worked the lands themselves or hired laborers, even from nearby countries, and used their landholdings and the crops they produced on them to pay taxes and send tribute to the king.

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Persian citizens and the royal classes were exempt from taxes, but did often pay the government in small gifts. At the same time, Persian citizens were not part of the forced labor that some of the Persians used for building state works. Considering the Persian government allowed the civilizations they conquered to continue to live their ways of life and practice their religions freely as long as they paid taxes, this seemed like a ir exchange.

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Due to its incredible , the overall status of the Persian economy was incredibly varied. At its , the Persian Empire included economically advanced civilizations, such as the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, and the Babylonians, as well as some civilizations still transitioning from a tribal stage, such as the Libyans and the Nubians. Where would one even begin to organize an economy with so many differing s and cultures?

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While agriculture may have been the main source for basic resources and the use of state lands, funds for the Persian government were mainly earned through taxes and tribute. Taxes were primarily paid in unminted silver, and just how much had to be paid was based on how heavy and pure the silver was. Some areas of the empire, mostly those on the rthest edges, paid the government intribute, typically, a predetermined weight of a product produced in the region. Some frequent tributes included ebony, ivory, and horses.

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How all the land for agricultural pursuits was ided is still a complicated matter. Given the sheer of the empire, deciding how to ide and use the land must have been a big responsibility. A significant amount of the land, in the main portion of the empire, was seized by the Persian government after conquering neighboring lands. Soldiers who served in the Persian military were given some of this state land to rm themselves or to rent to others. So long as proper payment for caring for the state land was made, everything was fine.

ThePersian Empire, which began in what is modernday Iran, was at its from to BCE. Its territory expanded until the empire reached from Greece to India. During this high period, the Persian Empire was ruled by the Achaemenids, one of the most mous being King Darius. The only other civilization to surpass its and power was the Roman Empire. Can you imagine what it must have been like to rule an empire that large? The power of the Persians was well known. They were able to allow many different cultures to live and thrive within their borders yet maintain a centralized government all the while.

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