Plymouth: This Port City Provides An Incredible Vacation

Plymouth: This Port City Provides An Incredible Vacation

I went to Plymouth with my family a few months back. It is located 40 miles to the south of Boston and is an hour drive. One can ideally get here by car or use other transport such as Uber, bus or train.

Places you can go to

We first went to Plymouth Plantation, which is like traveling in history. Located near the Plymouth Harbor, it is a recreation of 17th century’s English village. We took a tour of the buildings and talked to some locals and learned about how life was for the first time settlers. We also took the tour of the Wampanoag home site where the Americans resided along the river. It was a fun experience for us all.

We then went to the Gristmill, where they grind corn. It is a working model of 1636 mill. After that, we went sightseeing at the Plymouth Rock as well. It is a tiny rock which was carved. Once the rock was said to be bigger than now, but during that the visitors chiseled some pieces as souvenirs. We then went to see the forefather’s monument. It is a large granite monument which built in the 19th century. It was made to pay heed to the victims of the Mayflower.

We also visited the Burial Hill, which is known to be amongst the oldest cemeteries. Several pilgrims have been buried here. Then we went to Katie’s Burger bar that served delicious cheeseburgers. It is a tasty burger joint located within the walking distance of other attractions.

It is recommended that you visit this place for at least 4 days to cover all the attractions. You can access this place, from anywhere in the country if you are traveling from other parts of the world.

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