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The final Persian dynasty during the Middle Ages were the Savids. They took control of Persia in AD from the Timurids, who had already been weakened by civil wars and disputes during the preceding century. The Savids were arguably the most powerful Persian dynasty since the Sassanids and were a challenge both to the Ottoman Empire, and the Mughal Empire in India, which had been taken over from a descendant from the Timurid Dynasty.

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a name of rulers of the Sasanian Empire, Kavadh I/Kavadh II.

The lands of the Sassanids were eventually conquered by the Arabs in AD, and became part of a larger empire for a time, before a new Persian dynasty emerged in AD, the Samanids. Persian dynasties continued to come and go throughout the middle part of the Middle Ages, some of them being founded by peoples to the north of Iran, such as the Turks. The final of these dynasties, the Khwarezmid Empire, was eventually conquered in AD by the Mongols under Genghis Khan. As a result, this dynasty is represented in the Genghis Khan campaign in the game.

AlMundhir, meaning the warner, can refer to several kings of the Lakhmids or Ghassanids, Arab kingdoms in early

TheTaqi Kisra Palacerepresents the Wonder used for the Persians.

Ala adDin Tekish, the Shah of Khwarezmian Empire from to .

a name of kings of the Sasanian Empire, Yazdegerd I/Yazdegerd II/Yazdegerd III.

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The Persians feature in a number of singleplayer campaigns. InThe Age of Kings, they appear in theSaladincampaign, where they represent the crusader city ofTiberiasin the th scenario Jihad!, and make a minor appearance as aPersian Outpost, allies of the Saracens, that would eventually send reinforcement in the th scenario The Lion and the Demon.

a name of rulers of the Sasanian Empire, in early

This article is about the Persians inAge of Empires II. For the civilization inAge of Empires, seePersians Age of Empires.

Shahrukh Mirza, son of Tamerlane was the Timurid ruler of the eastern portion of the empire eslished by his ther.

are a Middle Eastern civilization based on the large number of Persian dynasties that existed throughout the Middle Ages. Although their design and description were largely inspired by the Sasanian Empire, they represent all Persian ctions that existed during the Middle Ages.

the last great king of the Sasanian Empire, reigning from to .

The city of Samarkand, the capital and cultural hub of the Khawarzm Empire, as represented in the campaign.

era the last Seljuq amir of Kerman, from until .

They were best known for their rivalry with the Roman Empire and gradual adoption of Islam following the Arab invasions. They would grow to become a major hub and center of the Islamic world, contributing much to Islamic art and culture. Like theirpredecessorin the original game, the Persians specialize in cavalry and navy.

era Hormizd III/Hormizd IV/Hormizd V/Hormizd VI.

The Persians had been fighting the Romans since the third century AD. The first dynasty during the Middle Ages, the Sassanid Empire stretched from Mesopotamia to India and from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, encompassing the modern nations of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. They fought theRomans, and later theByzantines, for control of modern Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and Arabia. The capital of the Persian Empire was Ctesiphon, called Baghdad today. This dynasty is represented in the Attila the Hun campaign in the game, as the Huns briefly tried to invade their lands.

The Taqi Kisra is all that remains of the Persians ancient capital, Ctesiphon, and is used as a common symbol of the Sassanian Persians.

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When the Mongol Empire split up, Persian became controlled by the Ilkhanate AD, which eventually became more Persian than Mongol in culture. The Ilkhanate eventually fell apart and Iran became ided. A warlord from central Asia, known as Timur took control of Iran, with much bloodshed taking place. Eventually this dynasty took on a Persian culture.

a name of rulers of the Sasanian Empire, in early

Persians Civilization Overview Age of Empires

The Persians as a culture existed for many centuries when the Middle Ages began. It had been reassembled following the conquest byAlexanderin the fourth century BC and the subsequent breakup of his empire in later centuries.

They also appear in theGenghis Khancampaign, representingKhawarzmin the th campaign The Horde Rides West, and finally, in theBarbarossacampaign, where they represent the city ofDamascusin the final scenario, The Emperor Sleeping. InThe Conquerorpansion, thePersiansappear in the first scenario of theAttila the Huncampaign,The Scourge of God, as one of the three enemies the Huns ce.

The Persians are aCavalryoriented civilization. They have a full cavalry tech tree except forBattle Elephants and their team bonus allows them and their allies to do bonus damage to archers. For being one of the civilizations least impacted by the Dark Age, they have a bonus for Town Centers and Docks and begin with extra resources in a standard game. Their unique unit is theWar Elephant, a of veryheavy cavalry. It deals massive damage to all units and has a huge amount ofhit points, which makes it powerful in melee combat, able to take down multiple units. On the downside, the War Elephant is very slow. This, coupled with their powerful cavalry, gives them powerful offensive capabilities. However, their defenses and inntry are somewhat lacking. The War Elephant is strong against buildings, but its weaknesses aremonks, heavy siege weapons andHalberdiers. War Elephants are especially vulnerable to enemy Monks, which can easily convert them due to their inability to researchHeresy. They cannot buildFortified Wallsand their towers are mediocre. In addition they are the only civelization to be unable to research theTwoHanded SwordsmanandChampionupgrades for their inntry units.

Yaqub ibn alLayth alSafr, a Persian coppersmith, was the founder of the Safrid dynasty of Sistan.Persiansthe persian empire Age of Empires II

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