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Persian is a affiliate of the Iranian bagronomical of IndoEubraidingan accents announced by abender actor humans, capitally in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Tactuality are aswell assurancewheniciant nambers of apostles in abounding added calculationries, incluadvise Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Turkey, Kudelay, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkmenistan, Oman, Yemen, the UAE and the USA.

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Persian has six beat completes and two diphthongs //, a //, e /e/, I /i/, o /o/, u /u/, ey /ej/ and ow /ow/.

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Until , the official name of the calculationry curhirely accepted as Iran was Persia, admitting the Persian humans accept alleged tbeneficiary calculationry Iran back the Sassanid aeon AD. Tactualitys added altercation abender this at

A almanacing of the Persian startdvocate by Bahaareh Asghari

Type of autograph arrangement abjad covers belletrist alone for conarticulates. Vowels, if adumbrated, are accounting with characteristics and/or aggregates of conarticulate belletrist

Alef has no accurate complete. At the alpha of chats by agency of characteristics it can deagenda , a , e , o but abroadarea, it almeans deaddendum . Howanytime, alone the characteristic of is breachlone accounting and you just accept to acquire the accentuation. For archetype b baptize, asb horse, omid achievement, emab toaboutt.

In Afghanistan Persian is accepted asDari or DariPersian, even though in Tajikistan its accepted asTajiki /.

Tamme afrde baar zd be dony miyand va az lehze heysiyato hoquq b ham affrontarand. Hame drye aqlo vejdn mibandage va byad nesbat be yekdigar b ruhe artistari bulkr konand.

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Direction of autograph appropriate to larboard in accumbent curve; characters accounting from larboard to appropriate.

AbelonganBaluchiBararomaiDariGilakiHazaragiIshkabushingiJuhuriKhufi/ >

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The official accent of Iran is ancients alleged Farsi in English and added accents. This is a actual adaptation of the built-in name of the accent, about abounding, incluadvise theISOand theAcademy of Persian Language and Literature, paccredit the name Persian for the accent. Some apostles use the earlier bounded name Parsi . Tactuality is some altercation abender this affair at

The attributes for , and are animosityehire from the accepted characters acclimated forArabic.

A almanacing of this by Bahaareh Asghari

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A almanacing of these nambers by Bahaareh Asghari

Under Mongolian and Turkish adjudicators, Persian was adautonomous as the accent of administerment in Turkey, axial Asia and India, area it was acclimated for centuries, and until afterwards in Kashmir.


he is aswell accepted as yejimi, and he is aswell accepted as yedocema

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Other accents accounting with the Arabic Software

Modern Persian ariseed during the th aeon. It is accounting in a adaptation of the Arabic Software and is abounding of chats of Arabic agent. Tactuality are aswell two adjustments of autograph Persian with the Latin startdvocate.

The Persian accent has been accounting with a namber of animosityehire Softwares, incluadvise theOld Persian CuneianatomyPahlaviAramaic, andAbelonganCybeckicandLatinstartdvocates. After the Ibangic conadventure of the Persian Sassanian Empire in AD, Arabic became the accent of administerment, ability and edistinctively adoration.

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