persian cultureThe Persian Culture

This is relevant and important because understanding the dynamics within the mily, and even within the culture, is necessary for inclusion and effective communication.

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Family events are large and everyone is invited.

Persians view culture as important for passing down lessons and traditions through the generations. If there is no perceived benefit, eventually it will die out.

because mily is the support system. Family is mily, regardless of how you are related and you have to treat all mily with respect and love.

Although they are both found within a similar geographical region and use a similarlooking script, they are completely different language milies with Arabic being Semitic and Farsi being IndoEuropean.

My mily is very close, it does not matter if I am hanging out with my first cousins, or distant relative. I feel comforle and connected to them.

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There is no particular reason why food is so important and the symbol for welcoming people into your home. This is just something that has been adopted into the culture.

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Today the U.S. Government has no official diplomatic relations with Iran

Some milies do not allow knives on the le. They only eat with a fork and spoon.

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Many Persians view themselves as bicultural. They have adapted to the american culture and have retained their Persian roots and identity.

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The Persian language of Farsi and Arabic are related to each other.

Persians will incessantly offer food and it is very insulting to say no.

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Some milies are still very masculineoriented, and the males are given more responsibility.

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Iran first eslished diplomatic relations with the U.S.

When greeting people of other cultures they will adapt the cultures greeting customs.

Many Persians are happy that they were raised in this culture.

U.S. breaks diplomatic relations after group of Iranian students revolted against the U.S.

Although Iran is the home of ethnic Persians, Persians and Persianspeakers can be found in Tajikstan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, Oman, the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.

While the perception of Persian culture is that there are stereotypical gender roles. In ct in modern PersianAmerican milys gender roles are not as pronounced and are fluid.

The names Iran and Persia are often used interchangably to mean the same country. Iran is the legal name. Iran came to be known as Persia in the West thanks to classical Greek authors during whose time Persia was the dominant kingdom in Iran. To call all of Iran Persia , would be like calling all of Britain England.

Persian translates to from Persis which is a region north of the Persian Gulf located in Pars, Iran

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Many Persians believe it is important to keep these traditions and pass them down to the younger generation.

Serving food is the way of showing politeness and welcoming guests into their homes.

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Their is a belief that even extended members of you mily are considered close and important.

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Revolution against the countrys hereditary ruler, the Shah

Other milies, do not have defined gender roles. The mother and ther work, and the children share responsibilities equally.

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There is a prescribed way that Persians greet other Persians.

Knowing the proper way to greet Persians and people of all cultures is important. You dont want to insult someone by greeting them in a way that makes them feel uncomforle or insults them.

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