Paris: The City Of Romance Is Evergreen

Paris: The City Of Romance Is Evergreen

Hearing about the ever beautiful place Paris in France rejuvenates my senses, which were sleepy with the same old monotonous daily routine. Whether it’s about getting lost in the Le Louvre, Eiffel tower complex or at the Arc de Triomphe, which resembles like the India Gate to me which is in Delhi (India), the city of lights lives up to the name and is sure to make your day lively like a day lamp. Just like any other amazing place to visit Paris comes with all of its beautiful places, but what does not come along is the affordable prices of touring this place which in turn again topped with the inevitable parts of accommodation, food and drinks and some decent thrifty shopping expenses.

When talking about the accommodations and stays around the place, AirBnB can offer you a lot of cheap options which might not be around the city center but would definitely save you bucks. The next thing to look out for after you check on to that hotel is to find your way to the main attractions.


The mistake which a lot of people might fall for is taking a cab to such places, but instead, the best efficient alternative to this is using the Metro services, but don’t forget that this service shuts down at the midnight hour until the next morning, still not sure about transportation? Renting a bike might be your go-to travel around on a low budget for your short duration of stay or even better you can always use those beautiful shaved legs.

Places to visit

Some places which you can visit are the Louvre Museum, Cathedrale de Notre Dame, Rodin museum, Napolean’s tomb, PèreLachause Cemetery and the local neighborhoods followed by a window shopping at the high-end brand areas like Le Bon Marche.

Finally, the food tryouts include Macarons, Croissant, cheese fond and the local beer among the hundreds of others.

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