Persian Art Gallery in Beijingpersian culture

Persian Art Gallery in Beijingpersian cultureArt Gallery Shows Childrens Talent for Making Books

A Persian tapestry on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

A view of the Persian Art Gallery in Art Zone, Beijing [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

Objects on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

Art Gallery Shows Childrens Talent for Making Books

The Persian tapestries on are handmade treasures and each of them took craftsmen about months to years to knit.

The collection depicts various s including ancient court life, classic Persian culture, natural scenery, flowers and still life, animals and portraits.

Chinese Female Artists Paintings Exhibited in Jordan

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A Persian tapestry on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

Robot Weeds Beijing Destruction, Rebirth Coming to Your Neighborhood?

Visitors take a look at tapestries on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

The Persian Art Gallery in Art Zone in Beijing are ing exquisite Persian tapestries, representing pure art from the ancient Middle East and telling vivid stories of the culture and history.

Objects on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

A Persian tapestry on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

A Persian tapestry on [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

Chinese Female Artists Paintings Exhibited in Jordan

Robot Weeds Beijing Destruction, Rebirth Coming to Your Neighborhood?

Persia is derived from the Latin and Greek languages, describing the ancient Iran before .

persian cultureThe Persian Culture

This is relevant and important because understanding the dynamics within the mily, and even within the culture, is necessary for inclusion and effective communication.

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Family events are large and everyone is invited.

Persians view culture as important for passing down lessons and traditions through the generations. If there is no perceived benefit, eventually it will die out.

because mily is the support system. Family is mily, regardless of how you are related and you have to treat all mily with respect and love.

Although they are both found within a similar geographical region and use a similarlooking script, they are completely different language milies with Arabic being Semitic and Farsi being IndoEuropean.

My mily is very close, it does not matter if I am hanging out with my first cousins, or distant relative. I feel comforle and connected to them.

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There is no particular reason why food is so important and the symbol for welcoming people into your home. This is just something that has been adopted into the culture.

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Today the U.S. Government has no official diplomatic relations with Iran

Some milies do not allow knives on the le. They only eat with a fork and spoon.

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Many Persians view themselves as bicultural. They have adapted to the american culture and have retained their Persian roots and identity.

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The Persian language of Farsi and Arabic are related to each other.

Persians will incessantly offer food and it is very insulting to say no.

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Some milies are still very masculineoriented, and the males are given more responsibility.

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Iran first eslished diplomatic relations with the U.S.

When greeting people of other cultures they will adapt the cultures greeting customs.

Many Persians are happy that they were raised in this culture.

U.S. breaks diplomatic relations after group of Iranian students revolted against the U.S.

Although Iran is the home of ethnic Persians, Persians and Persianspeakers can be found in Tajikstan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia, Oman, the Caucasus, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan.

While the perception of Persian culture is that there are stereotypical gender roles. In ct in modern PersianAmerican milys gender roles are not as pronounced and are fluid.

The names Iran and Persia are often used interchangably to mean the same country. Iran is the legal name. Iran came to be known as Persia in the West thanks to classical Greek authors during whose time Persia was the dominant kingdom in Iran. To call all of Iran Persia , would be like calling all of Britain England.

Persian translates to from Persis which is a region north of the Persian Gulf located in Pars, Iran

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Many Persians believe it is important to keep these traditions and pass them down to the younger generation.

Serving food is the way of showing politeness and welcoming guests into their homes.

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Their is a belief that even extended members of you mily are considered close and important.

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Revolution against the countrys hereditary ruler, the Shah

Other milies, do not have defined gender roles. The mother and ther work, and the children share responsibilities equally.

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There is a prescribed way that Persians greet other Persians.

Knowing the proper way to greet Persians and people of all cultures is important. You dont want to insult someone by greeting them in a way that makes them feel uncomforle or insults them.

The Persian Empire Economy Tpersian empirerade

The Persian Empire Economy Tpersian empireradeThe central government also invested its time and money into improving the trade networks Persia had. They eagerly sought out new trading partners and sponsored voyages to find and negotiate with these new, potential trade partners. The Persian Gulf became a major area for sea trade, and the government encouraged the building of many ports on the gulf. The trade cities on the gulf, which were mostly Phoenician, were known for exporting purple dye and glassware.

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In this lesson, youll learn about the Persian Empires natural resources and economy. The Persian Empire was known for its extensive trade system, and youll learn about how the trade affected the economy.

In this lesson, youll learn about the Persian Empires natural resources and economy. The Persian Empire was known for its extensive trade system, and youll learn about how the trade affected the economy.

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Most of what we know about the ancient Persian trade and economy comes from what documents and articts have been found belonging to the empire under the ruling mily known as the Achaemenids. The main source for Persias economy was through agriculture and its system of iding up state lands. However, most of the actual finances in Persia came from a welleslished tax and tribute system; there was even a system of coinage. Additionally, trade contributed to the Persian economy as the Persian government sponsored many endeavors to gain new trade partners and improve the trade system through roads.

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The Persian Empire Religion Social Structure

To maintain their trade system, the Persians developed a sophisticated system of standardized weights and measure. The Persians also had an extensive system of roads that served their trade system as well as their military. Under King Darius, the Persian Empire had its first circulated coin system, using gold and silver. However, these coins were used nearly exclusively in Asia Minor. More often than not, they were used for paying in their trade system and not for everyday use. Finances within the empire were paid in unminted silver, as previously mentioned.

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The Persian Empire obtained much of its wealth as a result of its prolific crops. Even some of the most urban cities in the empire relied on agriculture. Barley was the main cereal staple of Persian agriculture, being easily grown in most areas of the empire. However, there were a great many other crops grown throughout differing regions. Wine production also became one of Persias more common commodities. Government programs worked towards expanding agricultural production in the empire. Government money was invested in improving irrigation, the quality of the crops, and the latest rming techniques.

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The Persian Empire Religion Social Structure

In the regions that had formerly belonged to Egypt and Babylon, it was the economic sector, run primarily by the religious officials, who controlled most of the state land. However, without agricultural workers of their own to rm the land, the religious officials leased the lands to milies in the area. Families either worked the lands themselves or hired laborers, even from nearby countries, and used their landholdings and the crops they produced on them to pay taxes and send tribute to the king.

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Persian citizens and the royal classes were exempt from taxes, but did often pay the government in small gifts. At the same time, Persian citizens were not part of the forced labor that some of the Persians used for building state works. Considering the Persian government allowed the civilizations they conquered to continue to live their ways of life and practice their religions freely as long as they paid taxes, this seemed like a ir exchange.

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Due to its incredible , the overall status of the Persian economy was incredibly varied. At its , the Persian Empire included economically advanced civilizations, such as the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, and the Babylonians, as well as some civilizations still transitioning from a tribal stage, such as the Libyans and the Nubians. Where would one even begin to organize an economy with so many differing s and cultures?

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While agriculture may have been the main source for basic resources and the use of state lands, funds for the Persian government were mainly earned through taxes and tribute. Taxes were primarily paid in unminted silver, and just how much had to be paid was based on how heavy and pure the silver was. Some areas of the empire, mostly those on the rthest edges, paid the government intribute, typically, a predetermined weight of a product produced in the region. Some frequent tributes included ebony, ivory, and horses.

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How all the land for agricultural pursuits was ided is still a complicated matter. Given the sheer of the empire, deciding how to ide and use the land must have been a big responsibility. A significant amount of the land, in the main portion of the empire, was seized by the Persian government after conquering neighboring lands. Soldiers who served in the Persian military were given some of this state land to rm themselves or to rent to others. So long as proper payment for caring for the state land was made, everything was fine.

ThePersian Empire, which began in what is modernday Iran, was at its from to BCE. Its territory expanded until the empire reached from Greece to India. During this high period, the Persian Empire was ruled by the Achaemenids, one of the most mous being King Darius. The only other civilization to surpass its and power was the Roman Empire. Can you imagine what it must have been like to rule an empire that large? The power of the Persians was well known. They were able to allow many different cultures to live and thrive within their borders yet maintain a centralized government all the while.

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persian empireDefinition of Persian Empire

andoverthrownbyAlexanderthe Great in the th century

View usage forAll YearsLast yearsLast yearsLast yearsLast years

A grotto is a small cave with interesting or attractively shaped rocks.

We havereportsthat theMastersof the Mote, the group we havecalledthePersianEmpire, aregatheringfleet.

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Websters New World College Dictionary, th Edition. by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

ancient empire in SW Asia, including at itspeak

Used Rarely. Persian Empire is in the lower of commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

the area from theIndusRiver to the Wbordersof AsiaMinorEgypt it was founded by Cyrus the Great thcent.

When you want to add information about how, when, where, or to what extent something has happened, you can use an adverbial. Many adverbials are members of the group of words called adverbs, but adv…persian empireDefinition of Persian Empire

The Rise And The Fall Of The Persian Empirepersian empire

The Rise And The Fall Of The Persian Empirepersian empireleader, people below the upper class started organizing riots and revolts to

This was the Empire when Darius ruled! It has exapnded a lot since Cyrus The Great died.

Weak rulers led provincial revolts, especially in Egypt. Provincial Satraps became more independent. They ruled their satrapies more as kings than the kings loyal subjects. The government struggled with thriving without having a strong ruler that could train armies to battle and gain wealth for Persia. The government also shifted to dysfunctional dictatorship.

stealing the supply of riches instead of giving it to the people.

Xerxes did not do as much as Cyrus The Great and Darius The Great, however he still was a good king. He commenced the war with Greece that his ther had started. He did not conquer any major territories and there were a lot of revolts when he was the king of the Persian Empire. He iled the Persain wars because he iled to realize that his army needed to be reformed in order to defeat Greece. After the war with Greece, he concentrated his time with building projects and revolts which helped the Persian Empire recover from some of the wars.

Cyrus the Great was one of the few kings who actually desereved to be called The Great. He believed in religious tolerance, cultural tolerance and he showed respect to the cities that were conquered and destroyed. He united the Medes and The Persians to build a great empire. In B.C, he conquered the Babylonians and freed the Jews from Babylonia. He believed in letting people have their religion and culture. Then Cyrus the Great died in battle however, when he died, the Persian Empire had capitals.

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This was the Persian Empire when Cyrus the Great ruled

The Persians survived and reeslished their empire under the Sassanid dynasty around C.E. However around C.E, they fell again but to the Arabs this time. The Persians got inspired by the Arabs religion Islam. The Persians survived and passed down the culture. A major reason why the empire fell was because they could not make scientific advancements. Persia decreased in complexity which caused a decrease in advancments. This caused their weapon production and safety to diminish.Full transcriptMore presentations bySimone PUntitled Prezi

go against the rulers. This caused the rulers to go against their religion. The kings became greedy and began

. Rather than destroying conquered cities, King Cyrus would show respect for local customs.

. Persian Kings were tolerant and allowed conquered people to keep thier languages and religions.

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Persian taxes became more heavier and more oppressive which led to economic depression and revolts. Crop production decreased which caused more commoners to leave and less trade to happen.

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The Persian Empire grew into a powerful empire under King Cyrus and King Darius. With a powerful army, the Persains conqured Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. The Persian religion was Zoroastianism, which viewed life as a struggle between good and evil. They also believed in heaven and hell as consequences for how they lived their lives. The Persian kings controlled their empire in two ways

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When Cyrus the Great died, Darius the son of Cyrus picked up where Cyrus left off. Darius the Great ided the empire into provinces, each ruled by a satrap, a local govenor who collected taxes and told the kings of uprisings. Like Cyrus the Great, Darius believed in paying for the architectures and monuments. Darius stretched the empire further than Cyrus. When Daruis died, Xerxes, his son, took over.

The Persian Empire fell after the death of Xerxes. The reason why was because there was not a strong hand that the Persian Empire needed and many problems started to arise. The March of the Ten Thousand exposed the weakness of the Persian Empire causing Alexander the Great to invade Persia.

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LX V VPannonius Persians

Soldiers from the Xth are found posted in Colonia Ara Agrippinensium Cologne as clerks in the office of the governor of

erection of a arch bridge across the Danube. Although Decebalus capitulated in , he continued to harass the

In Trajan attacked Parthia and captured Babylon and Ctesiphon. The conquered areas proved too difficult to control and

Founded around AD, Legio X earned the cognomen Victrix winner for its involvement in the Dacian conflict. It was

Romans and incite rebellion. Trajan returned to Dacia in and engaged in a long bitter struggle that involved almost one

projects, which makes participation in Trajans Parthian war of unlikely. In Marcius Turbo was given the task of

the Rhine and then fought under Domitian against the Germans. In he became a consul and thereafter was the

Trajan reigned as emperor from to A.D. He was born September th, into the Ulpii mily in the Baetican city of

Stamped tiles discovered at Carnutum and Vindobona testify to Legio Xs presence there involved in construction

was subsequently appointed as the legate of Legio VII Gemina. He led his men against the rebel Antonius Saturninus on

soldiers of the Thirtieth were present at Amida when the Persians laid siege to and captured the city in AD.

new Roman province of Dacia was opened to immigrants from other parts of the empire. The spoils of war financed

When VI Victrix was redeployed to Britain in , Legio X occupied its former base at Castra Vetera near Colonia

stationed at Brigetio Szony in Pannonia Superior in after XI Claudia was transferred to Oescus in Lower Moesia.

. Postumus repelled the invaders in , eslished indepth defences and founded the Gallic Empire with the support

loyal. Vexillations of X served with Iulius Castinus in when he quelled dissident Gauls and Spaniards and fought

massive public works throughout the empire, and the victory was commemorated on Trajans column.

Germany and Britain. Auxiliary units were transferred into the area and new legions were created to replace two lost in

that the emperor Nerva had adopted him as his heir. On January th, , Nerva died and Trajan assumed power. Before

he refounded Colonia Ulpia Traiana Xanten, which had been a ghost town for almost a quarter of a century. Legio X

served under Vespasianus as the legate of Legio X Fretensis, subsequently held several governorships including those of

Detachments were active with Severus Alexander in Persia in . The lower Rhine was overrun in and then again in

It supported Lucius Septimius Severus against Clodius Albinus in / and earned the title Pia Fidelis ithful and

ideally suited to control the area and launch raids into Germany.

Background History of Legio X Ulpia Victrix

was transferred into the city, which was henceforth known as Tricesimae thirty. According to Ammianus Marcellinus

USA eslished in with the goal of portraying all aspects of

life, and the Franks overran the weakened defences as r as Paris. Order was firmly restored by Chlorus around , and

serving in locations such as Rigomagus Remagen, Noviomagus and Divitia. Detachments were posted in Gaul and

Family participation is welcome and encouraged.

third of the Roman army and concluded with Decebalus suicide. The surviving Dacians were slain or enslaved, and the

Germania Inferior, running lime kilns at Iversheim, involved in construction in Bonna Bonn along with Legio I Minervia, and

A vexillation of Legio Xth possibly accompanied I Minervia when it participated in Lucius Verus Parthian campaign in .

battle. Legio X likely took the place of V Alaudae, which was crushed by the Sarmatians in , and Legio II Traiana

Baetica and Syria before becoming proconsul of Asia. He passed away before AD and was deified in A.D.

Trajan reluctantly withdrew to the west in AD where he died in Selinus on August th. Hadrian was his successor.

preparations for the first Danube campaign to deal with him. Legions were redeployed from several provinces including

quelling unrest in Pannonia and Dacia following Trajans death, and he would have acted as Legio Xs supreme

governor of Moesia inferior and then Germania superior. Hadrian was dispatched to Germania in AD to advise Trajan

the god Neptune, while those of Victorinus link the god Jupiter, and the astrological sign of Capricorn, with the Xth.

died when he was and one of the two guardians appointed in was his thers cousin, Marcus Ulpius Traianus. Trajan

heading off to Rome he eslished the Limes in Germany.

The Dacian king Decebalus was a constant thorn in the side of Rome, and it was in AD that Trajan began his

of Legio X. Aurelians reintegration of Gaul into the Roman Empire in AD was accomplished at a significant loss in

The offensive against Dacia was launched in , after the completion of a new road through the Iron Gates and the

Legio X Ulpia Victrix is an informal association of Roman reenactors from southern Ontario and the northeastern

Italica southern Spain, and he traced his ancestry there back to the rd Century B.C. His ther, a Roman senator who

Ulpia Traiana Xanten in Germania Inferior. The fort was strategically placed where the Lippe joins the Rhine it

The men who served in Legio X originated from such erse places as Italia, Germania Inferior, Gallia, Belgica,

Legio Xs name has been associated with Cabillonum Chalon SaoneetLoire, Lugudunum Lyon, Lutetia Paris and

Britannia, Dalmatia and Thracia. Examination of the coinage of Gallienus suggests a relationship between the legion and

Trajan served as a legate under his ther in Syria, and then became a quaestor and a praetor before . Hadrians ther

Explore Iranian Pannonius PersiansThe Band and more!

princess Fawzia and her mother queen Nazly and her first husband shah of Iran

Mohammad Reza Shah and Farah Pahlavi greeted by Walt Disney in Disneyland, Anaheim, Southern California,

Shah, Crown Prince, Sa`dabad, …………..

The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Shah Pahlavi, poses with his son, Prince Reza, and

Farah Diba during a state visit to the city of Yazd escorted by military personnel and greeted by the band at the airport. Farah was an active person in cultural and charity activities.

Shah of Persia, Reza Shah Pahlavi in military uniform

My PersianSpeaking Friends Mozafr adDin Shah Qajar second seated from.

El Sha de Persia Nasereddn Sha Kayar

Mozar Al Din Shah of Iran, along with Queen Helena, Queen of Italy Italy

شاه محمد رضا پهلوی، شهبانو فرح در مشهد. اسدالله علم، منوچهر اقبال، عبدالعظیم ولیان، هرمز قریب دیده میشوند.

Janus Pannonius Award Simin Behbahani was awarded the Janus Pannonius Award in . The yearsold Persian poet was present at the ceremony on of August in Pcs. Her first book in Hungarian is published by the Hungarian PEN Club and Pluralica during this week. The lioness of Iran has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature twice. The award named after the first Hungarian poet worths . Euros.

Beautiful IRAN before The Dark Revolution Explore Iranian Pannonius PersiansThe Band and more!

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Explore The Persians Persian Culture and more!Pannonius Persians

Janus Pannonius Award Simin Behbahani was awarded the Janus Pannonius Award in . The yearsold Persian poet was present at the ceremony on of August in Pcs. Her first book in Hungarian is published by the Hungarian PEN Club and Pluralica during this week. The lioness of Iran has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature twice. The award named after the first Hungarian poet worths . Euros.

Freidoon Moshiri فریدون مشیری For his beautiful feelings of the world, and for his every single poem

Hushang Ebtehaj , with the pen name of Sayeh is an eminent Iranian poet of the century whose life and work spans many of Irans political, cultural and literary upheavals.

Explore The Persians, Persian Culture, and more!

Shahriyar with Nima Yushij استاد شهریار و نیما یوشیج

Above the Queen of Iran followed by daughters Princess Shams right and Princess Ashraf Pahlavi Below is an Account by Princess Ashraf

Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammadreza Shajarian, Kayhan Kalhor ,Homayoun Shajarian…

هوشنگ ابتهاج معروف به ه. ا . سایه شاعر Hooshang EbtehajPoet

ساز او باران ، سرودش باد جامه اش شولای عریانی ست باغ بی برگی که می گوید که زیبا نیست ؟ داستان از میوه های سر به گردون سای اینک خفته در تابوت پست خاک می گوید باغ بی برگی خنده اش خونیست اشک آمیز جاودان بر اسب یال افشان زردش می چمد در آن پادشاه فصل ها پاییز .Explore The Persians Persian Culture and more!Pannonius Persians

dw persianصفحه افغانستان

پس از ۶۰ سال یک رئیس جمهور اندونزی وارد کابل شد

غنی طالبان مسئولیت کشتار غیرنظامیان را به فرمان ارباب‌شان به عهده گرفتند

افغانستان قرارداد خریداری برق از ترکمنستان را تمدید کرد

شرکت ملی برق افغانستان برشنا اعلام کرده که قرارداد خریداری برق وارداتی از ترکمنستان به افغانستان را دوباره تمدید کرده است. قرار است که از این برق در ولایت‌های هرات، فاریاب و سرپل استفاده شود.

افزایش تلفات انفجار کابل؛ دست‌کم ۱۰۳ کشته ۲۳۵ زخمی

روزنامه‌های کابل؛ سفر رئیس جمهوری اندونزی به کابل

برندگان و بازندگان تضعیف پول افغانی در افغانستان

روایت یک حمله خونین؛ درهتل اینترکنتیننتال چه رخ‌داد

ایران برای صدور ویزا از افغان‌ها ضمانت نقدی نمی‌خواهد

پایان حمله به یک واحد نظامی در کابل؛ ۱۱ کشته و ۱۶ زخمی

یک سالگی دولت ترامپ و تاثیر آن بر سیاست و امنیت افغانستان

اسماعیل شهامت، خبرنگار بی‌بی‌سی به ولایت قندهار در جنوب افغانستان رفته است تا گوشه‌هایی از تغییر و تحولات در این ولایت را به تصویر بکشد.

بازرس ویژه آمریکا برای بازسازی افغانستان سیگار می‌گوید وزارت دفاع آمریکا این نهاد ناظر را از افشای برآورد این که چه مقدار از خاک افغانستان در کنترل طالبان است، ممنوع کرده است. این اظهارات در حالی مطرح می‌شود که چندین گزارش حاکی است که قلمرو تحت کنترل طالبان در افغانستان پس از خروج نیروهای بین المللی از افغانستان در۲۰۱۴ گسترده‌تر شده است.

چرا رئیس کمیسیون انتخابات افغانستان انتخاب نمی‌شود؟

آیت‌الله علی خامنه‌ای رهبر ایران با اشاره به حملات اخیر در افغانستان، گفته است که آمریکا با ایجاد ناامنی و انتقال داعش به افغانستان می‌خواهد ادامه حضورش را در این کشور توجیه کند. آمریکا اما همواره تاکید داشته است حضورش در افغانستان برای امنیت منطقه و غرب حیاتی است.

روزنامه‌های کابل؛ سفر رئیس جمهوری اندونزی به کابل

پس از شصت سال، برای بار نخست یک رئیس جمهوری اندونزی به افغانستان سفر کرد. در نشست مشترک خبری رئیسان جمهور دو کشور، محمد اشرف غنی، رئیس جمهوری افغانستان گفت که پایه جدید روابط بین کابل و جاکارتا گذاشته می‌شود.

پس از ۶۰ سال یک رئیس جمهور اندونزی وارد کابل شد

سه حمله مرگبار به کابل در ۱۰ روز؛ تحلیلگران چه می‌گویند؟

ترامپ مذاکره با طالبان را در پی بمبگذاری‌های اخیر رد کرد

شرکت کابلبلخ چگونه تامین امنیت هتل اینترکنتیننتال را به عهده گرفت؟

ماجرای حمله به هتل در کابل از زبان شاهدان عینی

رهبر ایران آمریکا با آوردن داعش به افغانستان حضورش را توجیه می‌کند

در پی عملیات پر تلفات اخیر طالبان و اظهارات رئیس جمهوری آمریکا در رد مذاکره با این گروه، دولت افغانستان اعلام کرده است که از این پس صلح را باید در میدان‌های جنگ جست‌وجو کرد. گروه طالبان گفته است که در برابر موضع سختگیرانه آمریکا جنگ را شدت خواهد بخشید.

دولت افغانستان پس از این صلح را باید در میدان‌های جنگ جست‌وجو کرد

غنی طالبان مسئولیت کشتار غیرنظامیان را به فرمان ارباب‌شان به عهده گرفتند

افزایش شمار قربانیان حمله هتل اینترکانتیننتال کابل

ایران برای صدور ویزا از افغان‌ها ضمانت نقدی نمی‌خواهد

پایان حمله به یک واحد نظامی در کابل؛ ۱۱ کشته و ۱۶ زخمی

یک سالگی دولت ترامپ و تاثیر آن بر سیاست و امنیت افغانستان

افزایش تلفات انفجار کابل؛ دست‌کم ۱۰۳ کشته ۲۳۵ زخمی

ماجرای حمله به هتل در کابل از زبان شاهدان عینی

افزایش شمار قربانیان حمله هتل اینترکانتیننتال کابلdw persianصفحه افغانستان