Kitakyushu Has A Lot Of Wonders For You

Kitakyushu Has A Lot Of Wonders For You

Visitors, visiting Tokyo is extremely common, but after our experience with Kitakyushu, we so badly want the other tourists to flock here as well. Situated in the Fukuoka Prefecture, this lies in the southern part of the country. One can reach this place either by a flight from Tokyo, or the better alternative is to hop on the bullet train which will take you in a matter of a few hours at a lesser price. So, these are the things we did in this small town:

Do note these; this garden is open during only a few times of the year so one will need to check their website for the same. When I went here, the garden was about to close in a few days, so, I was pretty fortuitous that I caught the sight of the flowers in full bloom. The hype around the place is exceptionally correct because it never fails to disappoint. The flowers are fantastic as they will blow your mind away and you will so seriously wish like me that you had the best camera in the world to capture every beauty spotted there.

  • Kokura Gion

It is one of my most sought-after festivals which happen during the summer, and this is precisely because, during the time of July, you will catch people pure dancing on the streets in the traditional Japanese attire. Also, one can catch up on a plethora of festival food, and you have the right to scream along the song as you stroll through the streets.


  • Mojiko Retro

The favorite thing which I love to do here is to sit on the bench or walk through the park without talking a word and just soaking up the marvel of the city. This is a must visit especially on a windy day or if you are with your partner.

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