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Janus Pannonius Award Simin Behbahani was awarded the Janus Pannonius Award in . The yearsold Persian poet was present at the ceremony on of August in Pcs. Her first book in Hungarian is published by the Hungarian PEN Club and Pluralica during this week. The lioness of Iran has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature twice. The award named after the first Hungarian poet worths . Euros.

Freidoon Moshiri فریدون مشیری For his beautiful feelings of the world, and for his every single poem

Hushang Ebtehaj , with the pen name of Sayeh is an eminent Iranian poet of the century whose life and work spans many of Irans political, cultural and literary upheavals.

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Shahriyar with Nima Yushij استاد شهریار و نیما یوشیج

Above the Queen of Iran followed by daughters Princess Shams right and Princess Ashraf Pahlavi Below is an Account by Princess Ashraf

Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammadreza Shajarian, Kayhan Kalhor ,Homayoun Shajarian…

هوشنگ ابتهاج معروف به ه. ا . سایه شاعر Hooshang EbtehajPoet

ساز او باران ، سرودش باد جامه اش شولای عریانی ست باغ بی برگی که می گوید که زیبا نیست ؟ داستان از میوه های سر به گردون سای اینک خفته در تابوت پست خاک می گوید باغ بی برگی خنده اش خونیست اشک آمیز جاودان بر اسب یال افشان زردش می چمد در آن پادشاه فصل ها پاییز .Explore The Persians Persian Culture and more!Pannonius Persians

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