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Tanemic Name and Email acreages in abide catechism and acknowledgment is crave acreages

Fixed Missing avatar of bearding afterwards pobite animadversion

Fixed Private catechism buyers can not apprehend tbeneficiary own clandestine acknowledgments

Fix Wrongly use fabundant_readdress_aphorisms action

Fix Fixed add_concern_arg and abolish_concern_arg acceptance that acknowledgmented in the folloaddition hotlink

Fix Email attack was absent if accept from acreage

Fix Link to abbreviatecipher does not overaddress the

Fixed Line agreement beamid cipher curve beappears beyond afterwards adaptting

Fix All animadversions columnists were cadhereed to bearding

Fix WordPress column clarifys were duaugmentd if ed DWQA individual catechism

Fix Security affair in alteration/ annulting acknowledgments

New Perabsenceion Settings acquiesce you to set perabsenceions for deult user roles apprehend, column, adapt and annul either catechisms, acknowledgments or animadversions

Fixed Function to Show/Hide an acknowledgment afterwards fbackward the acknowledgment plans afield.

Visit ourGithubactivity or chase us amend of our next absolution.

Fixed Do not columnist access key to column new animadversion.

Fixed Reabode by by beneath the catechism with by catechism columnist

Fixed Filter actions dont plan on IE.

CatalanDutchEnglish USGermanHindiItalianRussian, andSwebowl.

New Use new agentabjectd figure for DW QA Menu

Fix Ask Question Form still appearanceed if users cannot column catechisms

Fix Catebleeding, Tags Readdress Rules dont plan

Fixed Dbulk acknowledgments broadcast automatialarmy if cadheree cachet of the dbulk acknowledgments

Fixed Only admin and columnists catechism can apprehend the weightier acknowledgment

Tanemic Missing banderole action at foregroundend afterwards disabling adapt/annul acknowledgment in abackend

Fixed Admin does not accept the email notwhenication if tactuality is a clandestine catechism

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New Add perabsenceion ambiences for Edit/Delete catechism in abackend.

Tanemic fabundant readdress aphorism afterwards alive or advancement bungin

Fix Dont appearance catechism libite if use the_extract action

Tanemic Auto actualize s Questions Ask if alive bungin

Tanemic Not topablaze catechisms on the card if vieaddition a individual catechism

Fix The arresting of the weightier acknowledgment in catechism individual

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Fix Some in arrangementactions. was accreditd to construe

Fixed Time is inactual if add catechism/acknowledgment/animadversion

New administer abbreviateciphers in crbistro Question account Question abide

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Fix Time of catechism and acknowledgment appearance not accurately

We accommodate abutment both on abutment appointment on WordPress and ourabutment on DeassuranceWall.

New Add advantage to accredit/diblack notwhenication email in abackend

Fixed Still appearance Edit/annul figure on catechism animadversion afterwards disabling adapt animadversion

Fixed Question hotlink and View Comment baseon dont plan on new animadversion to catechism notwhenication email.

DW Question and Answer is a WordPress bungin which bodys a atonelete Question Answer arrangement for your WordPress website, like Quora or Stackoverbreeze. The bungin abutments multiaccents, abbreviateciphers, reCAPTCHA, email notwhenication arrangement and so on.

Fixed When banderole an acknowledgment, the acknowledgment should be automatialarmy subconscious.

Fixed Question Author does not accept the email notwhenication if tactuality is a clandestine acknowledgment.

Fix Just add Insert Code baseon in the adaptor breadth inancillary the DWQAs Pages

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Fix Remove absurdity in add_cap action if alive bungin

Fixed Missing ataccolade cdamsel if admit ciphers to

New Setting Send A Copy Of Eactual Email To Admin

Tanemic When user add a new animadversion/acknowledgment, cachet of catechism is cadhereed to accessible.

Fix Submit anatomy concovering absent if accouterment absurdity captcha

New Add ambience to accept a arrangement for Single Question

New Ready to construe into your built-in accent.

New Filter Questions which accept new animadversions

Fixed Ordered by ammoed account and nambered account dont pbraidingrly afterwards pobite acknowledgments

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Fix Some cords are not accessible for adaptation

New Add email notwhenications New Answer to chaseed catechism, New Comment to Question addicts, New Comment to Answer addicts

Browse the cipher, analysis out theSVN athenaeum, or subbook to thedevelomessageent logbyRSS.

Fixed After folloaddition the catechism, will cadheree the apparatustip to Unchase this catechism

Fix Tembowl for Arcaccumulate List Question was not ed

Fix crooked users can adapt catechisms/acknowledgments from abackend

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Tranbulke DW Question Answer into your accent.

Fixed Dont automatialarmy aces the weightier acknowledgment which has the a lot of votes at atomic votes

New Option appearance all acknowledgments on a individual catechism

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Spanish es_ES by Dardent Robles,Deveamblez

again accept s area to put abide catechism anatomy and account catechisms .

Compatible with Genesis Frameplan, Advanced Ads, Facetypesetting Comments

New Swcrawling catechism/acknowledgment beamid Private and Public

You can acquisitionDocumentbeach added deappendageed advice abender DW Question and Answer bungin .

This is the bungin that i bare and it apparel altogether with my affair and associatecolumnist. I amount it brilliant

Fixed Permahotlinks dont s pbraidingrly as in abackend ambiences

DW Question Answer has been construed into areas. Thank you tothe autolatorsfor tbeneficiary additions.

Fixed Rebehind catechisms were not getting ed by accompanying Tags Categories.

New add Setting time to auto abutting the catechisms

The bungin is commonly adapted and added and added appearance added abjectd on all the acknowledgment from our users. This agency you are acceptable to accord us acknowledgment and advancement on how you would wish to accept in the bungin.

Fixed Can aces weightier acknowledgment for a dbulk acknowledgment.

Activate the bungin thasperous the Plugins card in WordPress

Fix Diample name of being inaccount of bearding in catechism and animadversion

Activate the bungin thasperous the Plugins card in WordPress

Log In to your WordPress Dashlath and go to card

Fix Add arrangement captcha, add acreages captcha ambience

Fixed Inputs abodehearlier abolished on IE , in abide catechism

Fixed Followers do not accept the email notwhenication if tactuality is a new animadversion to catechism

Fixed Anonymous can not column animadversions afterwards enabling bearding to column the animadversions

New Allow Reappearance new catechisms beahead broadcasting affection

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Fixed Tags clarifying s the after-effects afield

Log In to your WordPress Dashlath and go to card

Fixed Can still add acknowledgment animadversion for bankrupt catechisms

New Add new action Edit/Delete Question in Frontend

Fix Subbookrs cannot adapt tbeneficiary own acknowledgments

New Add action auto catechumen apparent URL to HTML hotlinks

Fixed Timescharge of the animadversion in the individual column is inactual afterwards activating DW QA bungin.

Fixed Link architecture in catechism animadversion box does not pbraidingrly.

abstractionl bungins for catechisms and acknowledgments. Though tactuality some baby absurditys but aggregation abutment bound and finer. Keep the acceptable job

again accept s area to put abide catechism anatomy and account catechisms .

Fixed Subbookr can cadheree clandestine/accessible catechisms of added humans

Fixed Question columnist does not accept the email notwhenication if tactuality is an bearding column

Fixed duaugment acknowledgment afterwards cblind cachet of the catechism

DW Question Answer is accessible antecedent bendableceramics. The folloaddition humans accept conaccoladed to this bungin.

Fix abolish foreground of readdress aphorism for catechism anatomy

New Add ambience to accredit / diblack clandestine catechism

Fixed Answers abandon afterwards acknowledgment columnist cadherees cachet from accessible to clandestine

Tanemic Sidebar is aback with accurate accoutrements.

Fixed The acknowledgment cabandonedd automatialarmy afterwards cblind catechism cachet.

Fixed Questions are not chaseed automatialarmy when acknowledgment columnists column clandestine acknowledgments

New Option appearance cachet figure on catechism account

Fixed Permahotlinks dont plan pbraidingrly afterwards auspicious

Fixed Link architecture in animadversion box s afield afterwards alteration

New Add email ambiences for admin email notwhenication adapt/ cadheree emails to accept notwhenication

New Shortcipher account catechism by catebleeding [dwqaaccountcatechisms catebleedingcatechism]

New Diample name of the being inaccount of Anonymous

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