Bunbury: Your Next Destination from Perth

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If you are at Perth, you should make it a point to drive to Bunbury. It is just 40 minutes’ drive along Margaret River. This can serve as a great weekend getaway. It is a charming little town which has so many things to offer to the visitors. If you are visiting with your family, these are some fun things that you can try out.

Visit Bunbury Wildlife Park

Get a close and upfront look at various animals of the wildlife park. I hand fed the red kangaroos and wallaroos. There are different types of animals. The native bird collection includes the owl, parrots, and emus while reptile section has bearded dragons and pythons. I walked along the 2 kilometers of Big Swamp Parkland which took me through the wetland reserve. This is home to over 72 different animal species.

Drop-In at Back Beach

Do you like white sand beach like me? Visit Back Beach of Bunbury, there are various activities that you can take part in such as swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. I also tried my hand at fishing since I came to learn that there is a large fishing population. Along the coastline, you will find bike paths where you can walk and cycle. Or you can just relax on the beach sipping a drink and reading a book.

Watch Birds at Mangrove Broadwalk

You can have a fun time with your walk on Broadwalk to the estuary in the wildlife area of Mangrove Broadwalk. Birds of several species nest in different mangroves. Gaze at the horizon while you take a walk. The boardwalk is quite close to the ocean. Listen carefully to hear the calls of different bird echoing in the air. It will help you to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and spend some relaxing time.

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